Idea Manager for High Tech Products : the DATAPIXEL Case

Idea Manager is a tool that allows the collection of direct comments and feedback from a generic user that has access to it and is interested in giving her/his opinion to the company.

Idea Manager for High Tech Products : the DATAPIXEL Case

The Business Sector:

DATAPIXEL designs, develops and manufactures systems and solutions in the field of computer vision and dimensional metrology in industrial and professional applications. Performs the design, development and commissioning of non-contact optical instrumentation in production line and measurement laboratory for quality control, dimensional and geometrical inspection. Provides Manufacturing Quality Solutions (MQS) services which increase quality and productivity of manufacturing companies; whilst reducing time to market, improving innovation cycle, reducing cost of process “ramp-up”, assuring process stability; and reducing tooling cost and assembly problems.

The company:

DATAPIXEL was founded in 1999 with the objective of designing innovative solutions. DATAPIXEL developments are market driven, and provide high-end products to sectors such as automobile, electronics, energy, railway or aeronautics. Supplies solutions in 3D dimensional inspection, virtual metrology, in line inspection and robot guidance systems by means of its sensor OPTISCAN, the best non-contact dimensional sensor of its kind, not only in accuracy or repeatability, but also in manageability and versatility.


The challenge:

Datapixel intends to use Idea Manager app to register the problems and solutions encountered by clients, the last activities carried out in specific machines and/or add clients’ suggestions/feedback. Therefore, in the end Idea Manager will be like the common register for Datapixel’s actors, especially for Helpdesk workers.

The solution:

Datapixel has used this tool to replace the Excel file used to register the outcomes of the clients’ calls, physical meetings, etc. It is a powerful tool if all the actors start to use it in a daily basis in order to ease the organization of ideas/suggestions for potential products improvements and solve duplicated problems in a faster way.

The benefits:

Idea Manager will permit Datapixel to organize in a better way all the information and group the ideas, to have a common place to consult them and interact with other actors in order to solve regular problems in a faster way, vote ideas and suggestions from clients to enhance Datapixel’s products and send surveys to clients to check how an idea will be accepted in the market. All these advantages will allow Datapixel to save valuable time, solving problems in a faster way, as well as expand/create new business opportunities when registering, identifying and surveying potential improvements for Datapixel’s product from clients’ point of view.

Idea Manager for High Tech Products : the DATAPIXEL Case