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IDEA MANAGER, tool software a supporto dell’OPEN INNOVATION

Get ideas from everybody: customers, employees, stakeholders, influencers…



Through an interactive social interface, users are involved and prompted to propose their ideas as posts related to existing products, processes or services, or to a completely new idea.

IDEA MANAGER, tool software a supporto dell’OPEN INNOVATION

See comments, evaluations and audience appeal of the acquired ideas..

Super view


For each post users receive likes and comments. The best ideas can stand out for number of likes or comments.

IDEA MANAGER, tool software a supporto dell’OPEN INNOVATION

Create new concepts with the best ideas.

Ultra power


Manage ideas grouping the best ones and creating concepts and prototypes to be proposed to your community.

IDEA MANAGER, tool software a supporto dell’OPEN INNOVATION

Produce market analyses to be shared on any media and analyse results in real time..

Super speed


Share information with selected decision maker to keep on improving your ideas. Collect and analyse data in real time, using specific questionnaires, tailored according to your rules, via e-mail, social or other.

Create real innovation from ideas!

IDEA MANAGER, software tool to support OPEN INNOVATION.

With IDEA MANAGER you can:
  • INVOLVE different PEOPLEwith different features and skills.

  • PROMOTE COOPERATION  among individuals inside and outside the company, to increase product innovation and to collect novel ideas.
  • PROPOSE, VOTE AND COMMENT  ideas from the community.
  • SHARE INFORMATION  with decision makers and evaluate the best ones to implement them to prototype stage.

  • MONITOR IDEAS, managing visibility and proposing them to other users.
  • KEEP TRACK  of collected information.
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Methodological support to OPEN INNOVATION.

“Our aim is to inspire and support your projects with our skills and solutions into OPEN INNOVATION world”

IDEA MANAGER, tool software a supporto dell’OPEN INNOVATION

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Holonix operates in Research and Innovation since more than 10 years, , proposing consultancy services and solutions to Italian and European market.

We are a SPIN OFF OF POLITECNICO DI MILANO, highly committed to commercial implementation of solutions born in the framework of European funded projects.



Feedback mechanisms Across the Lifecycle for Customer-driven Optimization of iNnovative product-service design

FALCON aims to provide a set of IT solutions and methodologies to support companies in improving the engineering and realization of new products and value-added services for customers. The system is designed to generate information on market expectations and monitor the use of supplied products by acquiring data on their operation. All this is possible through the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in full consideration of the principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

Project partners:

Financing and Call Programme: H2020 – FoF-05-2014:
Innovative Product-Service design using manufacturing intelligence
Contract Number: 636868
Start: January 2015 – End: December 2017
Duration: 36 months

Falcon 2020



Large scale demonstration of new circular economy value-chains based on the reuse of end-of-life fiber reinforced composites

Glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites (GFP and CFP) are increasingly used as structural materials in many manufacturing sectors like transport, construction and energy due to their better lightweight and corrosion resistance compared to metals. Composite recycling is a challenging task; landfilling of EoL composites is still widespread since no significant added value in the re-use and remanufacturing of composites is demonstrated.
The FiberEUse project aims at integrating in a holistic approach different innovation actions aimed at enhancing the profitability of composite recycling and reuse in value-added products.

Project partners:

Financing and Call Programme: H2020-IND-CE-2016-17/H2020-CIRC-2016TwoStage 
Contract Number: 730323
Start: 1 Giugno 2017 – End: 31 Maggio 2021
Duration: 48
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