Idea Manager for Clothing Textiles:
The Dena Cashmere case

Dena cashmere, with FALCON, will use the Idea Manager tool to enable the collection of direct comments and feedbacks from a generic user. Generic users can have the access to the Idea Manager tool, if they intend to give direct and active ideas to the company; but they can answer to questionnaires even as anonymous users.

Idea Manager for Clothing Textiles : The Dena Cashmere case

The business sector:

Textiles and clothing is a sector that plays an important role in the European manufacturing industry, employing 1.7 million people and producing a turnover of EUR 166 billion. The sector has undergone radical change recently to maintain its competitiveness by moving towards high value-added products.

The textile and clothing industry covers a range of activities from the transformation of natural (cotton, flax, wool, etc.) or synthetic (polyester, polyamide, etc.) fibres into yarns and fabrics, to the production of a wide variety of products such as hi-tech synthetic yarns, bed-linens, industrial filters, and clothing.

The company:

Dena Cashmere is a small Italian company working in the clothing sector of totally Made in Italy products. Dena cashmere choose carefully the best of Italian manufacturing firms to locate cashmere, blend cashmere and wool sweaters and clothes of high quality that meet the most demanding requirements of the customers. The cashmere garments are designed, developed and modified internally, before being produced at contractors. The owner, thanks to studies on the subject during Engineering studies experiences, has always worked with the intention of driving the supply chain to the end customer’s actual demand, leading manufacturers and subcontractors to gradually undermine the procedures and delivery of the traditional sector. In addition, studies are underway on the possibility of ensuring the quality of production processes apparel through innovative technology.

The challenge:

The feedback received from the customers are received from a lot of different channels, and analysed only manually, being non always registered on a paper book. Moreover, the way to receive a feedback is to meet an interested customer, with lot of real physical samples or products in hand.

In the frame of the FALCON project by using Idea Manager, the company is able to receive and collect a really wider number of feedbacks.

The solution:

After the collection of preliminary comments and ideas from the customer, Idea Manager helps the actors of Dena cashmere company to register, add, describe, process, increase, all the proposals received. This allows on one hand the collection of a wider number of ideas and comments which is not reachable simply in the shop, and on the other hand the sharing of the results with the other actors of the Supply Chain.

The benefits:

Thanks to the Idea manager the collection responsible can now interact directly with the customers not only during the buying or giving back activities, or when they come back for another cloth but also during the usage.

It is also possible to reach more persons, even customers and potential customers, through different channels, as direct, social medias, blog and forums, and to have cross feedbacks thanks to the possibility to “like” and comment others ideas.

The collection responsible saves time on the collection of the new ideas since those are already written down in digital, divided per user, date and tags instead of having to write down on paper and search the information when needed.

Instead of prototyping new clothes in order to let them be seen physically by the customers and collect feedbacks, the collection responsible can now propose to a wider number of potential customers a digital render and read what they think about it. This allows the reduction of the number of wrong pieces as samples and even as real products which people doesn’t like.

Idea Manager for Clothing Textiles : The Dena Cashmere case